wheeling wv experience from driving in the past

by Fred e wildern III
(wheeling wv )

I have several years of driving over the road in the 90's started a family so I got a job in the local union as a plaster and bought some rentals property's I have worked all my life to support my family until 2010 and things got real slow in my area in wheeling wv.

In 2012 I went back to truck driving school to get refreshed on what to do and how things have changed since I last drove and to see what the new dot regulations were.

I got a job driving water trucks in my area. The company that I was driving for got in trouble with dot an the EPA for allegedly for dumping oil based mud in a farmers fields so the company fired the general manger and everyone that was hired through him so I got my walking papers.

So at this time I went on unemployment, took family on vacation for when we got home my wife had to go to las vegas NV for her father was terminal ill with cancer so she went to vegas to take care of her father till he passed in January so she comes home after she gets all his affairs in order then in march my wife passes away so it took me a few month to get all of are affairs in order then I started to work for a vac truck company out of Burgettstown pa.

Then I was unable to stay their. they were so slow with work they were starving me with work so now here I am I have a class a cdl and I need work I have two teenage girls and bills to pay. im willing to drive some ones truck for them on a part time or more than part time if possible. I would like to stick to the east coast and I will work hard for the person that would give me an opportunity to drive their truck as well.

I expect for the Owner to have newer equipment and that takes great care of it and will keep it in dot regulations

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