What's it like being a truckers wife

by Cathy
(Sheboygan wi)

Whats it like being a truckers wife? I know it's not easy but how do handle it..... I mean I trust him but there's that tiny place in my head that's full of, "what if he's cheating", "is he ok", "does he have everything he needs?"

I mean I work at a truck stop and seeing some of the things I do scares the heck out of me

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Dec 13, 2011
Limited Experience NEW
by: Kate

There isn't a whole lot I can tell you- because there are plenty of things I haven't yet experienced. My boyfriend has only been OTR since July, but I've had to learn a lot, and learn it fast.

First- I trust him whole-heartedly. There are times that that little seed of doubt tries to plant itself, but I don't let it grow. I see posts on here about wives who caught their hubbys/boyfriends cheating OTR, but I also see in those posts that the women had trust issues ahead of time, the relationship was on the rocks, or something just wasn't right in the relationship.
He and I have been dating for just short of 3 years now, and we've had plenty of ups and plenty of downs. but we work it out.

Which brings me to the second point- COMMUNICATION. I had to learnt hat talking every night on the phone wasn't realistic. So we use texting to communicate (on a daily basis, or at least every other day), and I Make him call me every 3-4 days. I had to explain to him that when I don't hear from him, I feel more like a 'bump on a log' back home, than I do his Girlfriend. It helped him understand that though I understand his life is stressful, days are long, and he's tired, I work full time too, and my days are long and stressful, I'm tired, and I still NEED to hear fro him. Because he's my boyfriend, and because it really is helpful to both of us
(whether or not he believes it!)

;) Hope this is helpful

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