What to do about becoming a lease driver or not

by Bill
(London Ontario Canada)

I have an opp. to lease a truck.. and well they gave me an option of working a month as a company driver first then lease through them.. I was wondering what a lease driver can make a yr after truck payments and main on the truck...

I have no idea if a lease option is a good idea .. Please help thanks

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Jul 01, 2013
Not a good idea to lease from the company
by: Anonymous

If you are buying a truck and leasing it on with a company then you can make it work. A lease to own with is what you are asking about is a bad idea.

First of all the payments they are showing you are just the base. Add in all the other things that comes with a lease and you have a very high payment per week.

You will have to keep running just to keep on top of your payments. No my follow trucker you will make more of a profit staying as a company driver over leasing someone truck.

It is a win,win for the leasing company but a loss for you. If you want to be a owner operator buy a truck from a dealership and then lease it on with a company.

Here is something you should do. Just ask a prime Inc driver or someone who has worked for them. Lease purchase programs only benefit to company leasing the truck to you.

I have been there done that. Good luck and drive safe.

Jul 01, 2013
What to consider when deciding to lease a truck
by: Hervy

Leasing a truck can be a good idea or bad. It starts with how much you know about trucking. Others thing matter too.

  • The compensation plan

  • Terms of the contract

  • Average miles per month lease operators get

  • Get discounts on repairs

  • If you have to pay for base plates, hgwy use tax

  • Fine print like penalties for breaking the lease and what constitutes breaking the lease.

  • You might also want to know if you can choose your loads,

    The best type of lease is one that would be termed walk away. Which in most cases means no penalty for ending the lease.

    Bottom line is you actually need to read it or get someone to read it who can understand most of it.

    One of the best things to do is talk to a lot of drivers and get confirmation on some of the best companies to lease on with.

    However there are other things to consider also like...

    • are you responsible

    • committed to run and be on the road

    • good with handing your money

    • have good work ethic

    Leasing a truck is running a business. A lot of guys go under even with good companies because they don't run it like a business.

    Take a look at this page for more thoughts and ideas about leasing
    more info about leasing

Jun 29, 2013
lease or not
by: Anonymous

well if one is layed over with out compensation for layover the budget falls on the o/o as compared to the driver that sits in a airconditioned truck in summer and a heated truck in winter waiting on that next load, all paid for by the owner of the truck.

now of course if everything goes in favor of of o/o there is money to be made. but be ready for the ups n downs.

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