what should i take with me?

by pandygirl

My sweetheart tried to find a local job driving but wasn't able to, he's been a trucker 14 years and decided he was going to go back OTR. He has invited me to come with him full time, and after a few months of weighing the pros and coins, I decided to go ahead and do it.

He will be back in three weeks to pick me up (I needed to put in notice at work and get my stuff in order), and while I am excited, I have no clue what to take with me! Clothes, baby wipes, and Tylenol pm, but what else do k need to consider?

He has already made a lot of room in his truck for me. He wanted me to go with him last time he was in town lol! Not really interested in whether I should go, my mind is made up, simply what items have you found to be essential?

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