what is the responsibility of a Trucking company to assure felmale driver's safety against male co drivers?

I have been working 4 the company for right at 4 months. I was told I could run hard or easy! That I was a good driver and they wanted to keep me!

The only person I had ever been in a truck with was my husband. He taught me a lot about trucking, but in reality there was a lot I didn't know! Still, I could drive the wheels of a big truck and was good @ it!

I have had 4 co drivers that are veterans, so I figured what I didn't know I'd have the chance 2 learn. I have had 4 drivers because of the way that they would want 2 run not because I wasn't a good driver!

Plus I liked variety, it made the job go by a little more interesting. All these men would work with me again. I was asked 2 take a load 2 California with a new driver, I needed 2 work so why not!

As with all my new co drivers they want 2 stay up and shoot the bull with me all day, and not rest b4 their shift. This guy was no different. I don't mind them stayn up as much as them pulling over 2 nap because they're tired from not having sleep. This driver was no different.

So 4 hrs n2 his shift he said he had 2 pull over. I thanked him 4 doing the right thang and told him I had 4 hrs of sleep and I could drive 4 him! He said he needed only and 1.5 hrs and he could drive again!

I said no problem.

He was suppose 2 be sleepn cause he was 2 tired 2 drive. I was talkn 2 another driver on the phone and told him I had 2 drive and the new co driver started being a real smartass and assured me that he had rested which was a lie. It turned out that after taht 1st disagreement there would be plenty more!

He would not shut up or when I would ask him 2 please be quit it only made it worse. I ask him repeating 2 get n the back and zip the zipper when he would get in the back he would turn the sleeper light on and not zip the zipper. He didn't take out on bag of trash or pick up his bed when it was my turn!

So finally when we got 2 California I had called him an idiot 4 waking me up from a sound sleep 2 drive when we had reached our destination. He laughed and told me I had a mental disease. I had 2 get out of the truck.

It seemed like the best thang 2 do. I called in to dispatch 2 get our pickups and was asked how I liked the new guy?

I told dispatch that he was stupid but I knew we had a job 2 do and as long as he would shut up lock the door and zip the sleeper while he
was back there I thought we could get it home. The dispatcher apologized 4 him and said he would find a better driver 4 me! He also said not 2 take any shit out of him that I had been wit the company longer.

I said OK.

I took the pick up information back 2 the truck and tried 2 explain how the company loaded them! He said he was a 27. Veteran truck driver and he would call the companies 2 find out how many pallets and the weight so he would know how 2 load it.

I decided that he knew everything and he didn't need my help, I'd let em do it. We had 2 set 4 almost 23 hrs he was n the back and I was n the cab! He had been dealing with the cooler where we were delivering so I just keep my mouth shut and waited 4 them 2 call his phone.

We delivered signed out with the time stamped on our bills! From there I had made the appointments and found his directions.

He took off driving recklessly through a part of I5 called the grapevine truck speed is only 35 he was hitting the brakes and getting them hot and knocking me almost out of bed every time he slammed on the brakes.

We get 2 Woodlake our 2nd pickup and checking in. He went n and returned back out. I didn't question him and stayed n the sleeper until he weighed out and discovered that he had loaded it wrong and then entire trailer had 2 be reloaded.

No one @ any cooler saw me must less done any business with me. I was n the sleeper the whole time. He tried 2 say it was the Mexicans fault 4 not loading it the way he told him 2.

I said that's a 1st.

By this time he had started zipping the sleeper like he should have been doing the whole time.

On the way home he started driving his part. We had not been arguing or anything. - drove from 6 that morning til 3 PM and stopped 2 eat.

I was gone for about 40 minutes and when I came out the truck was gone and he had called dispatch and told them he didn't know where I was and had took my bag into the truckstop and told dispatch that he had tried 2 page me and I was n a truck with a man 4 over an hour.

I was never paged, I have the manager and the waitress as witnesses that he was lying. I was afraid of him. My company told me 2 get n the truck with him or find my own way home!

I was floored!

I had proof of my whereabouts and was afraid if he could just leave me how could I have thought I'd be safe.

He left me there and my company hasn't called one time or offered any help 2 get me home! Whats the legal responsibility 2 me by my company?

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Sep 08, 2011
what an ass
by: rob

sometimes it depends on comp. policy.
i run team from ca. but dont live in ca. sounds like your clean and respectful. i wish i had a codriver like you.
i think you were done wrong.. if you cont. team driving you should do it with someone that you know & trust that wont leave you somewhere.


Sep 07, 2011
The company's responsibility to protect the driver
by: Hervy

So sad to hear cases like this. I know it was/is a stressful situation.

I don't know in your case that the company has really done anything that would be easy to pursue. It's unfortunate they allow such foolishness to go on though.

The only thing is, it seems you are probably a lot smarter than most of these guys. Your present a recollection of what happened very well and with detail. Those details may be convincing if there is anything that can be done.

You have a witnesses and you have a history of being a good driver I would let this go without talking to the EEOC and a labor lawyer to see if any law was violated and at least file a complaint.

Their response to is likely to be we DID offer you a way home. So we are not liable for anything, and of course your position is you didn't feel safe.

It's just a tough situation to be in.

I would advise anyone running teams to take notes of all inappropriate actions that may come back to haunt you so you protect yourself as well as possible.

I really don't understand why companies allow such foolishness to exist. Well, one reason is because if only 1 person complains out of 100 they don't know what to believe anyway.

So that is why definitely should make some noise about it to anyone who will listen and who knows maybe there is an angle that allows you to at least get reimbursed for travel back home and lost wages.

EEOC protects against retaliation.
1-800-669-4000 the charge filing process
1-866-286-6440 employer survey

Sep 05, 2011
by: NickV

This is the bad thing about team driving. I had a guy I had to drive with that was just as much of an idiot. He threw me out of the bunk a couple times while texting and driving.

It got down to one time I was standing over him telling him to find a place to pull over or I was going to punch him in the face. Every single day was a struggle, and it was probably the most horrible month of my life.

He started calling dispatch on me and giving false information they call and question me in which my answer was 4 words...Look at the logs. He was sitting at shippers on the clock on duty burning hours and repeatedly turned in 11 hour driving shifts with 200 miles driven when my hours where maxed and was driving 600 every shift.

I said he can make up what he wants but I wont drive another mile with this psycho. Yeah we had to sit for a day but they sent a trainer through and picked his ass up along with his stuff.

As far as the companies legal obligation to you they are all different. Most companies don't HAVE to do anything but they will at least get you a bus ride home along with money for a cab to get you to the bus stop if its any reputable company.

If you seriously want to get involved with a court system and you have witnesses you can probably sue for sexual harassment. I wouldn't just lay down if something like this happened to me I know that much.

Im sorry you got left like this and I hope you can figure something out soon. Good Luck

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