What is Life As A Trucker Like?

by T.J.
(Wichita KS)

I think I really want to be a trucker! What are some of the bad things I would run into out there as a trucker?

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Oct 01, 2009
trucking life is awesome
by: Hervy

For the right person.


But there are hundreds of thousand of companies available to drivers as opportunities based on experience, qualifications such as endorsements, and special training.

With so many opportunities there is many outcomes.

Thats why what Shane said is true.

The advantages? Disadvantages? More info....
Start here

becoming a trucker

Aug 16, 2009
Trucking is Not too Bad
by: Shane (Shorrtcut) Sisson Transportation

Unlike the comment from Anonymous, I can tell you from my 20+ years of driving that if you get on with the right company you CAN make good money. Not all companies are bad ones, if you manage your time right, you will find trucking very enjoyable and you can get lot's of rest.

I always know how my week is going to start so I plan when I should leave home. I have left a day or to early just to make time for site seeing, I have been to the grand canyon, seen niagra falls, yellowstone, and many other places because I managed my time well.

Again, not all companies will keep you out for weeks at a time, I am home every weekend and make an honest living and a decent pay check. It could be more, but I feel like between 800 and 900 after taxes is good for me.

At first, you may need to run hard but with more time driving, you will learn which companies will treat you right. Trucking is what you make of it, do the job and you will be rewarded if you find the right outfit to drive for.

Aug 11, 2009
Trucking is As bad as you can imagine
by: Anonymous

Long long hours. Companies will push you to drive and work your maximum allotted hours and plan your trips and loads so you have to.

The isolation of being stuck in that truck with no shower or toilet for weeks on end. To get a shower you use one at a truck stop minutes after who knows who just stepped out of it and it might have been cleaned.

Public toilets, need there be more said about that? To eat you pay restaurant prices for every thing. Forget that you might not even be at a source for food and drink when you are stuck at the end of your hours. Truck stops have laundry machines, sort of maintained and very expensive.

Others will tell you that you can take a coffee pot, thermos and a small microwave with you. Make your own stuff. OK it is still living in a car. Don't think your going to be seeing the sites either. Your life and those around you on the road rely on you keeping track of what you are doing, where you are on the road and the 80,000 pounds of truck under your butt.

And the best part is you might make $200 a week.

Aug 11, 2009
T.J. The Adventures of trucking include bad and ugly with the good
by: Jimmy

Just bad weather and junky trucks. And people always trying to get into your wallet. Jimmy

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