What is legal for truckers to take over the road for self protection?

by Colt
(Joplin Mo.)

i well be going to school in a couple of weeks and after a month be on the road what is the best protection to carry with you on the road that is legal in most of the 48 states?

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Feb 24, 2010
Choose your weapon
by: Nick V

Well like Jimmy said stun guns, mace, things of that nature or I always have a pocket knife. As long as your not walking around with some damn katana blade you should be legal. Cops ask its for opening boxes which you do in your line of work. Unfortunetly you cant carry firearms which I think is absolutly stupid. I believe there should be a class just like concealed handgun for truckers. You can have a gun in your home and as far as im concerned that truck is my home. Also I just learned something recently and this may be some info that the vets dont even know about. I heard that them bats you use for your tires are legal as long as the string at the end IS NOT on it. Its actually considered by DOT to be a weapon if the little string handle is on it. All in all just watch your back. Be aware of your surroundings when walking to and from the truck stop. Yes, there are ALOT of whack jobs out here. For the most part no one messes with you but as the bumper sticker says, S@!t Happens. Stay safe

Feb 20, 2010
Colt needs protection.
by: Jimmy

Stun guns, pepper spray, flare guns should be legal anywhere. Just be aware you are a sitting duck while sleeping. I've heard of bad guys spraying gas through the side vents and you sleep through the heist. I was sleeping at a Loves in Az. and was awaken by what I thought was an APU on the next truck and went back to sleep. Woke up to 1 empty fuel tank. What I thought was an APU was a siphon small motor running. You are vulnerable in this biz. Protect yourself, but don't get paronoid. Jimmy

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