What I saw in 4 yrs 7 months

by Ted
(Lakeland Fl)

I'm a quick study of situations, at least I think so. The trucking industry as in the major carriers are not at all concerned about shortages.

I was a trainer I won't mention names because it doesn't matter they all SEEM to be enjoying the government money they get for bringing new people in than contracting them to low wages and paying back the loan which the govt. has paid them, that good profit.

Now they are trying to bring in foreign country drivers and keep the wages low. Trucking industry is not the general public's interest,so they don't keep up with these things.If only their jobs were being manipulated like this would it raise more protest.

The facts are trucking hasn't had a pay increase since 2001, and that's because fuel took a jump nobody expected, so who takes the brunt of this. Truckers and these facts are in writing google them up government studys not mine or any trucker org.

When I was in training to be a trainer, they ask us why do we think the turn over rate is high ,and we all said the same obvious reason pay! they were no more interested in hearing why as they were hearing why we were ready to give it up.

I got to see a lot and don't regret it, but I'm out and would not suggest it as a career, it is a very misleading, dishonest business.

Good luck if you go !!!

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