What Companies Offer Refresher Courses ?.....For Used Truckers lol.

I am asking this question because it has been a while ( 11/07 ) since I last drove for a company. I had to leave Trucking due to a MISDIAGNOSED MEDICAL CONDITION,which I'm Currently Resolving ( I should be completed before my next D.O.T. Physical 5/2011 ).My License is currently up-to-date.

I was just wondering if there is a list or something available to help Me in My search. Thanks for any help You may offer. Ken D. Tucson,Az.

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May 02, 2016
nikki NEW
by: Anonymous

I am tryn to found a company or owner operater to help refresh me,i became disable six weeks into training with werner I later got in trouble and arrested upon release I still have class a cdl but little experience it is had to find a house and job after being arrested I made a mistake in now I just want to provide for my kids .I feel having my cdl still is a blessing I just need to be refreshed so I can get one of many driving jobs out there please anyone who can help me or have info please let me know

Sep 27, 2015
Looking for a company that offers refresher training in Texas NEW
by: Walt3164

I am a retired Air Force Vehicle Operator/Dispatcher. I haven't driven a truck since I retired in 2013. What would be a good company to work for that offers refresher training. I was first licensed in 1996 on tractor/trailer combinations. Also did combat convoy driving in 2007.

Aug 20, 2015
Refresher NEW
by: Anonymous

You can try KLLM

Jul 01, 2015
Chance NEW
by: Carlos

I'm looking for a chance to drive truck but need refresh course haven't been in trouble since 07 just want a chance to drive

Jan 10, 2014
injured on job NEW
by: Jose C.

I was injured back of 08 been released 2go back2work,then I apply in western expres 4refresh course the recrutor toldme I had2go wth certified trainr then when I started going2 class they told us they didn't have enough certfd.trainers so they put the most exp.drivers wth less exp graduates so I had2 train some1 who drove the truck like he was drivng his car after amonth of hell I quit cause the guy had no respect for my life or others.

Sep 06, 2013
Getting Back Behind The Wheel NEW
by: Daryle

I lost my Cdl Back in 05 for back child support I just got my licsences back this yr I'm trying to get back into a truck do any one know who will Refreash me and put meback to work

Jan 20, 2011
Thanks for Info
by: From: Ken D. Tucson,Az

To Nick V,Thanks for the Info. I thought that there might be a Company List out there somewhere ( To Make Life Easier In This Line Of Work......Ya Right.. LOL ).Any ways Thanks. Ken D.

Jan 19, 2011
Used Trucker....oh man thats funny!!!!
by: NickV

HAHA well Ken as long as your doc clears you for a d.o.t. physical you should be ready to roll. More than likely depending on your experience you may or may not have to take a refresher course. Local driver/training companies provide these but can sometimes be expensive. If you hook up with a company that wants you to take one then more than likely they will help you out with the bill. I had to take one with CRST and they split it with me. Just a week of driving, you get your physical and drug testing knocked out and have to wait for those results to come back before you drive so its usually wednesday before you can even get behind the wheel. Its easy and most of the time you will be thankful you did it. As far as jobs I would just start filling out apps or you can go to your local craigslist and look in jobs and go to transport. Good luck and keep us posted

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