What can I, do? Drug test refusal on my record

by Earl Jackson

Before I, started truck driving school I, worked for a factory for a short time! While I, was there my team lead ask me to flip a swith to rotate a pile of steel! Well, I flipped the switch and down go the steel to the floor!

Because I, was the one to flip the switch it was my fault! Talk about pissed off! They interviewed everyone but I, was the only person they wanted to drug test!

Because of this I, refused the drug test out of anger feeling that my team lead actions caused the accident.

Well a year later I, have a cdl and working for a over the road company with enough experience to switch to a local job. After 3 weeks at my new job my last employer,(Factory job) responded to a previous employment check telling the new company that the accident wasn't my fault and I refused a drug test!

It was yes or no questions but they felt the need to Wright something. Because I, refused a drug test I, was fired and they put it on my dac report of a drug test refusal.

At this time of employment at the factory I, had no cdl but now it's on my cdl. I, was a machine operator never a driver!

I'm now working for a company who don't rely on dac reports but I, want to get a local job again to be home and raise my kid's. I lost everything when this happened and I, just need to find a way to get this off my dac report.

Talked to some lawyers willing to take the case but with them wanting $10,000 down it's hard.

What are my options?

I, did have the company who put this on my dac report give me a copy of what was sent to them. Not my fault is clearly on there.

Don't get me wrong, I know you should not refuse a drug test but I, felt some favoritism and put my foot down telling them hell no, test my team leader also.

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