What can a newbie do? Trying to find a good starting truck driving job.

by Terryl Chandler
(Washington D.C. )

I have a class a cdl and looking for a trucking company to work for, Werner and CRST has contacted me but i hear so many bad things about them that i am not sure who to believe. I am at my wits end on trying to find a good company that hires newbies is there any advice that anyone can give me.

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Dec 07, 2009
I started trucking at CRST
by: Anonymous

well i started at CRST did 3 times all 48states im 6mts it was hard but i learned a lot that was 7years ago now i tell people get what you can from them and move on if they pay for school then why not save ur money and move on.

It is hard, as a woman it was harder but hey i got my CDL and am still driving not OTR but i got my full of BS now its ur turn if you are over thinking about this then driving is not for you

Dec 06, 2009
Find a good truck driving job to start trucking
by: Terryl

Well Terryl, I know it can definitely be a challenge making a decision with so many companies out there. Your lucky though other guys would dye to have choices.

Thing is you will hear good and bad feedback about most companies. There is no perfect company on top of that though, you must realize that some people can't get along with others and for those people they could go to about any company and have a problem.

Then you have some people who only see things from their perspective forget the company operating for the purpose of making a profit, etc....

The reality is if you go to the truckstop right now and talk to Werner and Crst drivers you will hear good feedback and you will hear bad.

I have talked mostly to Werner and I say about 50 percent of them had nothing bad to say. The others were mostly mixed and a few said they were leaving.

I only have talked to a few CRST drivers and at least 50 percent were positive the others were mixed too.

So maybe talk to some more drivers and go with your gut based on the feedback.

At the end of the day, have a good attitude where ever you go and don't be worrying about what if it is a disaster.

Don't worry about what others have gone through once you make a decision, it doesn't mean you will experience the same thing.

Oh yeah, the dispatcher's attitude and skill level has a lot to do with the relationship between the driver and company and paycheck too.

So all these variables means that your feedback is only going to have a fraction of relevance to the reality of whatever you decide.

Any parallel in you having the same experience as someone else is mostly coincidental.

Just go to work truck driver! :-)

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