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what is a lumper?????????

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Jul 21, 2008
The answer to what are lumpers.
by: The Cray Trucker

Lumpers are the people who truck drivers hire to unload the truck sometimes.

Some places we go lumpers are part of the crew of the company we are delivering to.

Other places we deliver to allow a 3rd party to come in and provide a lumper service.

The lumpers are usually paid by the trucking company we the drivers are delivering the load for.

If the load is brokered the brokers often pays the lumper.

If the driver is an owner operator sometimes the company pays, sometimes the broker pays, or often the owner operator pays, all depends on the arrangement they have agreed upon.

Most times the driver can unload the freight themselves and the company will pay them.

Sometimes companies are willing to pay the lumpers more than they will pay the driver. This is ridiculous and why they do it I don't know.


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