What about my work history?

by Jeff
(Edmond, Oklahoma, USA)

I see a lot of companies requiring a "solid" work history. I have moved around a lot to different jobs just trying to find something I like to do.

No other company has had issues with this in the past. Is this a DOT requirement or is this a company thing? Will my varying work history hurt me in getting a job with a good company after I complete my schooling?

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Jan 07, 2012
will this work for D.O.T. work history
by: David

I got my CDL in 2009 only have 3 months training they said I need a refresher to get back started
I live in a CA city that's small and I haven't had job except volunteering one night a week at church.

My wife works 12 to 24 hours at home care job and our 2 kids, oldest one just getting old enough to drive,can I use caring for my kids as dot work history?

Oct 19, 2011
Hello again
by: NickV

Yeah like Hervy said you don't want to do a lot of job changing. Once you get out of school you need to hook up with a OTR company and stick with them for at least a year and that will open plenty of doors for you after that.

Also like Hervy said there isn't a lot of difference between companies but meer pennies. Dispatchers are dispatchers and that's all they are gonna be.

Unfortunately in the trucking industry a lot of guys think the grass is greener on the other side and that's from hear say at truck stops and whatever.

I am no different and I can vouch and say its never greener, you just talked to a driver who had it good that day.

The reason you need to stay for a year with a company is the next job or jobs you apply for will more than likely not even care about your past work history and focus more on the miles you have under your belt as a CDL driver.

Good luck again and keep us informed or even come back and answer new guys questions once you go through the ropes.

This site is all about learning new things and giving advice and no question or answer is a stupid one

Oct 19, 2011
by: Jeff

Thank you Hervy. I, in total honesty, want you to keep it real. That is why I have come to this website. And it is thorough at that.

You and your fellow truckers have been a great help to me. I have already recommended this site to a friend of mine. He is considering this field as well.

Good luck to you in your current endeavor and God bless.

Oct 19, 2011
building a better work history
by: Hervy

Well Jeff, you have to think about it...the more you switch jobs, the list builds. Eventually of course they are going to look back at your work history and wonder why this happens.

If you were the employer would you want to hire someone who works at jobs for a few months and then quits?

So, will they look at your work history? If they have any common sense they will because they don't know you and they have limited things that they can use to judge what type of person you are.
(In their eyes)
That's just keeping it real.

I hope you do ok and that it doesn't hold you back from eventually getting a job.

I will give you some advice though...

You might want to stay at the next job you get for a while if you ever want a good one. The better the company the more they are going to try and make sure they are hiring a dependable quality driver.

Besides, as you see, there is not a whole lot of difference in jobs, especially at this point.

Good luck, and keep your head up.

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