Werner Enterprises

by Xylocor
(Beaumont, texas)

1 the treat their drivers like the are no one and like they dont care bout anyone but their trainers cause they make big profits off them and the students with them.

I suggest no one work or do business with them. i find it hard to believe any company would even think about putting some one with less than 5 years out as a trainer, the loads they assign are 40% of the time dispatched late.

any one whom assigns a load to a solo truck that's from ohio to sumner Washington and give 2 days to get there in a 62mph truck is freaking nuts. if you disagree they will try to put you on the curb right then and there. and the loads like i said did inform them bout the loads but they simply chuckled and said well you know we are force dispatch....so needless to say when i got back this last trip i never returned to their employment.

give me a had time because your dispatching is late or screwed up find some one else to blame i suggest no one work for them unless you like being treated like a mushroom.

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Sep 24, 2018
werner dispatch. NEW
by: Mike

My first dispatcher was great I had very few problems. Unfortunately she left. My second dispatcher sent me wrong directions,times and even places that didn't exist. Before I got 2 years in I was fired for to many late loads. I got screwed on driving for a while but got unemployment. I really hope the dispatcher got shit canned. Why I got let go and unemployed for something not my fault I will never understand.

Jul 11, 2014
there shit dont stink NEW
by: Anonymous

agree. my wife completed her training and went to werner. she told them she couldnt get in the top bunk because of her knee. they said no problem they would get her a trainer that would let her have the bottom. fine. went good for 4 weeks, then truck broke down, two weeks later they said they couldnt afford to pay her to sit in a motel so she would have to go with another trainer. fine, but here comes the old top bunk again, she says =i told you i couldnt get in the top bunk, next thing you know she is on administrative leave without pay and they want her to pay for her room. by the way she is over 2000 miles form home. no ticket back home. she spent more than two days on a bus to get home. these companies think that anyone that drive a big rig for a leaving is a moron. they are the smart ones.

Mar 24, 2012
WERner DON,T care NEW
by: Anonymous

They do not care treat their drivers like SHIT!!!! No ONE should Work for them i asked for a small advance so I could get something to eat and was refused they are liars & cheats ALSO(D.O.T) needs to see this They doctor the paperless log to their advantage I personaly saw it done to me I knew how many hrs. I had available to Drive & They changed it WERNER Should lose their D.O.T Rating & their operating authority A FORMER WERNER DRIVER

Jul 26, 2010
Bad Experience
by: Hervy

Sounds like you got out of a stressful situation man. Hate to see drivers dealing with that.

I believe you had a bad dispatcher. Sadly this is not too hard to find at large companies. You probably should have brung what was happening to someone's attention though, they might not have even done anything the first time but after several drivers or an incident then perhaps some changes would be made.

As far as dispatching you on a load with not enough time to get there, that's a serious issue if they try to force you to violate laws in order to get it done.

I talked to a lot of Werner drivers many of them love it. Some of them hate it.

I hope you find something that works out better for you than that guy you were dealing with.

Good luck X

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