Want to start a career in trucking with no money for CDL training

by nathan bright
(las vegas, nevada)

Almost a year ago i was charged with a misdemeanor possession charge of marijuana,under an ounce.

At the time i didn't have a drivers license so it wasn't while operating a motor vehicle. This has been my ONLY run in with the law in my life.

I have had my license for 4 months now,accident free,and have managed to hold a job at pf changs for almost 3 years now. I have kept this job to not only support my son who is 4 years old,but also because it has paid the bills.

The problem is,im tired of working jobs,and actually want a career. I have no high school diploma or ged,so im very limited on opportunities.

My best friend is starting his life in trucking for PAM,and i am very intrigued about it. I have had two interviews with two different trucking schools, neither of which has hired me, and want a substantial amount of money just to train.

I have procrastinated enough in my life,and am ready to get it together for the sake of my child,and myself. All i'm asking is for an opportunity.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, even if its just training.learning a new trade would be very helpful in my search for a trucking career.

God bless and thank you. Contact: 702.904.6074
free CDL training Las Vegas NV

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