wanna be a truck driver

by ben
(burlington CO)

i would like to know which truck companies can i trust that i can work for because i have read so much bad things about truck companies and i wanna know which companies can i trust to work for thanks

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Dec 07, 2012
Ben: There's no such thing as trust. NEW
by: Anonymous

Business is all about making money.The driver is part of that plan. A company, if not run properly won't be around long. Look at the driver turn-over.
Things that you have read or heard may or may not be true. Everyone is different, your work effort will be your guide in seeking a good company to work for.
Being a truck driver can be rewarding, safety is always first and being able to handle stress goes to the top of the list. There are some people that just don't have what it takes to be a driver and they vent it as complaints about how they are treated.
We drive trucks for a living with little pay and sometimes little or no respect from the company or the public. This is all part of the job, I've been in this business for 43 yrs. as a independent O/O seen a lot of guys come and go for a varity of reasons. Start local, even on a stright truck to get a feel of how a deliver is handled, talk to OTR drivers at truck stops you'll know what's right for you..

Dec 04, 2012
How to choose the right trucking company NEW
by: Hervy

Ben, the larger the trucking company the more stuff you will hear. That's for several reasons.

In case you don't like reading let's go straight to a semi solution. Here is tips to help you choose the right trucking company.

Now for my explanations of what you read...

1. You always will see negative reported more than positive. People talk about pain they don't go around too much saying I am so happy.

2. Since number one is true, the larger the company mathematics means the more you will see negative comments. (more drivers, more incidents, more reports, etc)

3. Also many drivers expect something different than what they encounter. This means part of the negative is not even a real complaint.

4. And the ugly part is that some of what you read is true. This is that most of the companies that will hire you as a new driver has a lot of people in place who don't necessarily care as much about your happiness or even doing their job well for that matter as you would think.

This being the case, drivers may treated more like a machine than a human by the wrong dispatcher, etc.

To avoid most of the problems though, you are doing the right thing and that is asking questions first. Just remember, there is no perfect company and a trucking job is not something that is 100 percent predictable in the first place.

Help yourself be more confident in how you choose by reading this page before choosing.

Tips to help you choose the right trucking company.

Dec 02, 2012
they all will NEW
by: Anonymous

all of them will rape you you just got find that atleast use grease first

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