Wanda C seeking advice for getting back into trucking

by Wanda Carr
(Dallas Tx)

I am fairly a new driver.

I received my CDL in 07. I worked for 2 trucking co. and was terminated by both. I also worked in construction for two months.
My biggest problem, which is the most important part of driving is backing. I am very weak in backing.
Since 09 I have been driving a school bus. I am trying to get back into the industry.

I have filled out apps, talked to recruiters and no one is willing to hire me. I really understand.

While working with those two co. I had 3 inccidents with the first year of getting my CDL.
With one I hit a low bridge and had a trailer blowout with in 5 days of each other also got terminated.

With the other driving job I had a rollover, not speeding. Road ran out tire got on soft shoulder and rolled. I was terminated not due to the incident.

On the construction job I quit.
I want to drive, I know my safety record out the gate is blemished. So I am looking at becoming an OO with 1yr experience and no trucking experience in the last 1.5 years. Looking for any advice, to help conquer this delima.

Thanks for this website.
Will Welcome a reply at wandatruck@gmail.com

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