Vela transport

by Tom Wingate
(Columbus Ga)

I wanted to tell everyone about this company. I drove for all the big boys for years and ne er hardly made over 1-1200$ per week,grumpy dispatch and fancy slogans like "we care" ,"our most important resource sits....etc. The slogans never matched my personal experience. Not to say that its not true for some drivers at those companies but if were indeed true they would not have a driver mill. Lol

So a friend, a fellow trucker told me about this company and I left the big company I was lease purchasing with because their promises of $1700 a week never happened one time. I took a chance and how happy i am. I drove!

Here at Vela Transport for 6 months as a company driver then they sold me a truck, I am making between $2-$3k Per week now...if you are interested they are always looking for clean drivers that want to run and make money. Shoot me an email to and I fill u in on any questions that u may have.

No bs here, i have bank statements to prove it.
Thanks for reading....happy trucking
Ps btw...they DO NOT PAY RECRUITING BONUS....U WILL FIND THAT OUT IF U COME.just telling u this in case u r unhappy where u r now.

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