Used Flatbed Equipment Chicago IL

by Sidney Greenlee
(Chicago IL)

I have as follows:

18 Coil Racks at $2.50 a rack or $40 dollars for all
12 3/8 70 grade chains 20ft at $15 a chain or $160 For all
3 3/8 70 grade chains 8ft at $10 a Chain or $25 for all
10 Ratchet Binders look rusted but still works at $10 a ratchet
or $80 for all
3 Rubber mats $5 for each mat or $10 for all
38 Veeboards 11in x 4in x 4in $30 for all
11 Veeboards 12in x 8in x 8in $20 for all
8 Plastic Edge Protector for 2" to 4" Webbing $5 for all
27 Steel Edge Protector for use with Webbing or Chain $20 for
5 Five new sets of tire chains for tire size 275/75-22.5
Four are still in bag One open Never used $50 a set or $200
for all
4 2" x 27 feet, 804 Wide Handle Ratchet, 1015 Flat Hooks with
Abrasion Clip All for $20
25 Felt piece good for the corner piece for chains to keep
from touching coils or delicate loads that need chains $5
for all
2 Lumber Tarp Size 20 Ft wide X 27 Ft long with 6 Ft Drop for
$200 a tarp or $350 for both
50 50 plus Natural Rubber Tarp Ties $20
1 Red airline $10
1 Rusted lock cutter $20
2 WARNING TRIANGLE KIT $ 40 for both
2 Kingpin locks $100 for both
1 Grote Industries ABS Power Cord $20

Prices are negotiable and if all items want to be purchased a deal can be worked out, no low balling will be tolerated. I do have pictures if you want I can send them to you by email or phone. My number is (773)727-6663 and my email is or (773)967-8726 If you do want me to email it to you just call or text one of the numbers with your information.

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