Urgent Help Needed - Depression, Marriage and Looking Ahead

by Erica
(Cape Town South Africa)

I have been in a 4 months relationship with a Long Distance Trucker. Long Hauling?
It is very very depressing for me. I have been crying constantly and it is a very lonely life.

He has asked me to be his fiancé and wants to marry in March 2015.

It has been upsetting for him to see/hear me crying for days on end. We are not young and he has had many relationship that did not seem to work. I think it needs a super special woman to adapt to a life style that I am not use to.

However I love him dearly and I trust that he also loves me! I so much want to make him super happy.

I don't want to be the super nagging fiancé on the other end. Please Please help me.

I have explained to him that I was diagnosed with "depression" in 1990 and this relationship is "rocking the apple cart" and as suppose not the ideal relationship for a depression patient but why can not, is my question.

I so much want to make him happy that I am turning to you to please help me.

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