Up and Comming

by American Trucker
(Open Road)

Although Malyn is only three years old, big rigs fascinate her. She recognizes the sounds her dad’s Kenworth W9L makes when she hears him coming home. Her favorite show is Ice Road Truckers and her mom said she wouldn’t be surprised if Malyn becomes a professional driver herself… some day.

That some day won’t be for at least another 18 years. How can we keep Malyn’s passion alive until the day she is eligible to obtain her class A license?

It won’t be easy.

I met Malyn and her parents at a truck show in St. Ignace, Michigan, where nearly 100 brightly lit rigs paraded across the Mackinac Bridge at dusk. The sight was truly inspiring.

This is one way to keep our children involved and focused on the trucking industry. Bring them to trade shows, parades, company events and just point out the different types of tractors as they go by. The more the next generation knows about trucks, drivers and their importance the more apt they will be to consider making it their career.

American Trucker.

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