Unhappy truckers wife tired of fighting

Ok been doing this 12 years. Ups,downs,good and bad.... It hasn't always been easy which im sure you know.

We have one kid and hes never home. Here's my problem. Hes very sweet then very mean.

1. SEX its never enough its never right he always has to wait he feels but he don't say that very nice. Its just not good enough no matter what I try!

2. Im a worthless f**king bi**h that cant hold a job. Actually yes I can but he makes me quit.

If it isn't on his time or how he likes it then Im done you cant work there its interfering with my job the only one that pays all the bills.

So Those are my 2 biggest concerns. What do I do Im just tired of fighting every single day.

In his mind hes always right Im always wrong and nothing is ever good enough. Im just worthless and do nothing for him.

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