TV Docuseries Casting - Seeking Truckers with Secret Lives

by Brent
(Los Angeles, CA)


I'm a Producer in Los Angeles and we are gathering research for a documentary-styled TV series which focuses on men who live secret, double lives by having multiple families (children from different partners) who do not know about each other.

Eventually, if this project moves beyond the research phase, we would like to speak with people who may be living this kind of dual lifestyle and would like to share their story, of their own contact and accord, and pair them with expert help.

We'd appreciate any feedback or guidance you may have if you have heard of stories like this, or if you may be able to forward our contact on to anyone who may be a fit or perhaps through social media so anyone who might be interested or know of someone who is a fit could contact us of their own accord.

Would it be possible to forward on or share our project details through your social media or within your network?

We respect everyone's privacy and would never ask that you "give us" people to talk to. We also do not seek to join your group or follow your members.

All information and conversation is kept completely confidential and any participation is voluntary, our show is looking to provide expert help to the men and anyone involved who want to talk to us.

If you or anyone in your network is interested to talk with us or have any questions about the show, please email or call (805) 910-7761.

Please let us know if you may have insight in this area or if you could share word of our project. I've included our outreach flyer below with the show details.


Brent Duncan
Casting Associate Producer
PH: 808-910-7761

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