tulsa ok jlwalker

by JLWalker
(Tulsa Ok)

I have 3 years flat bed experience and would like to purchase a late model tractor and trailer I want to take over payments and pay owner percentage of what truck runs until it is payed for expect to

Run 1200 mpd call jw at 918 407 7988

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Sep 17, 2010
Owner Operator huh.
by: American Trucker

So in summation here’s how it works
Get your DOT number, free, get the insurance lined up between $9,000-12,000.00 and paid, get your MC number $300.00 or more this takes from a week to a month depending on how busy they are and how you do it. Get your single state registration. Pay the property tax in your county, and then pay the IRS form 2290 tax, $550.00 at the IRS. Get your EIN from the IRS. Go to your IRP/IFTA office, set up both the IFC and IRP account, and pay for the tag between $1200.00 and 2,000.00 depending on the states you will operate in. Contact the states in the links below to see what you need to do with each one and pay their fees.
I’m sure I missed some things but this is the best that I can do.

Now on the other hand say you get all that done and survived. Your family hasn’t disowned you, moved away while you were gone. Whew that last phone call to home had you wondering. You’ve finally managed to get home without skid marks on your underwear when there was no tissue in the bathroom, because you used your underwear to handle that problem. Then what time you have left because you now “own” the company is spent fielding the telephone calls from irate four wheelers that “your dangerous driver” caused some silly offense to, catching up on all the regulations that changed when you weren’t looking ,doing all the various state’s paperwork, pay all the bills, invoicing out/mailing all the billing, the collections, the repairs on the truck and trailer as well as your chores around the house you might have a couple of hours to spend with your family, keeping in mind that shippers and brokers have no respect for family time and your cell phone will ring until you throw it in the garbage. That is if you were crazy enough to give that to them and leave it turned on. Congratulations! You are now the owner of your own trucking company!
Until next time, Happy Trails.
American Trucker

Sep 17, 2010
tulsa ok jlwalker
by: Dennis Shipman

Me too! 10-4

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