trying to get a trucking job but have question about hit and run charge

by Mr. Travis Demien
(Memphis,Tn usa)

When I was a young man about the age of 26 i was being robbed by another man. After being stabbed by the man, I chose to defend myself from being killed.

I didn't realize at the time that because I didn't call the cops first that I was going to be arrested for Aggravated Assault.

Unfortunately i plea bargained down with the prosecuting attorney for a simple assault, because I could not afford Legal Representation for this incident.

I agreed to 11 months of probation and completed that. This actually occurred in the year of 2003 and is stopping me from being successful with a CDL A that i got in 2006 from Cr England trucking.

I am also being accused of a hit and run on a telephone pole in the state of Ohio. I have tried to contact to make payment arrangements with the city that it happened in and they are impossible to reach.

I need help finding out if i can still drive for another Company through the s.c.p. in the state of Memphis,Tn where i live.

I am a veteran from the Army and Navy with 9yrs exp.
I also went to there Hazmat school and graduated for moving fuel.
I have three years of OTR experience plus the military(national guard for three years.
Could you pls help?

Travis Demien

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Aug 25, 2012
Expungement can help NEW
by: Anonymous

Have your records sealed on the assault charge this can be done at the court of conviction once it is signed employers will no longer see it*****but if they run a justice report (government clearance positions) it will be there**** but it so old that you probably wont have a problem with it....The accident one takes a little bit of work...most cities have websites google search engine state of and city of choice and then click on the site and e-mail someone for a response. If this is on your driving report as an accident****well you are gonna have a problem getting hired. You are then an Insurance risk.

Aug 24, 2012
Hit n Run NEW
by: American trucker

Serious charge,10yr background done but most companies only go 3-5yr on criminal and mvr. just get out an apply i'm sure you'll land one.unless theres more to the story.

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