36 f currently looking to go back on the road. Had to come home and take care of medical problems. I'm ready to go again. husband is currently out on's lonely at home and I do not want to go back and work behind the desk.

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Jul 26, 2014
by: Anonymous

First off man, you need to tone down on the street look. Never put to much of your personal life online. You make others feel like you're still in that life. You should note that employers do google search potential employees these days. They look to get a glimpse of your personal life.
As far as jobs for ex-felons. I know my company Sun Coast Resources hire some with past records. My company is headquartered in Houston Tx, but they hire all over Texas for the various terminals. We are mainly a tanker company. We transport gasoline and crude oil. You can easily make $72k+ a year on the crude side and still go home every day. If I were you man, I'd do a google search on "companies that hire ex-felons". You'd be suprised, but many offer opportunities for you. I'm sure they don't pay much. So if I were you, I'd push to the crude oil side of the business. You'll be driving in the oilfield. But you'll get paid like a mother*%+*#%......

By the way .... Frac Teams drivers make around a $100k a year and work about 13-15hrs a day @ around $ clean up in o/t pay...they drive small class b tanker trucks and refuel drill site equipment every 2 to 3hrs when on a job site

Oilfield CDL Class A & B Drivers need the following:
Complete Work History

Good Luck Playboy

Jan 23, 2011
Back on the road
by: Jason C

Contact me at if you are interested in getting back on the road. I work with hundreds of companies to fill driver/owner operator positions for them.

If you are interested in getting back on the road, check out

Jason C

Jul 04, 2010
by: richard avery sr

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