Trucking wasn't a life dream....but there is a lot of freedom and reward - Shelia

by Shelia

Hi Ladies, I've been driving for 4 years. It was not a life dream to be a truck driver at all. My motivation is to be self-supportive and make good money.

Attending truck driving school was exciting and a huge challenge worth the effort. My first job in the industry was driving an end dump truck which was scary because of the PTO which raised the trailer to dump concrete and sand. That lasted for 30 days.

Then I worked for an individual who was new in the business and needed a driver. Horrible experience as well. Finally I got on with a company out of Illinois and the rest is history.

I love driving and visiting various states, people are amazing, funny and nice most of the time. The biggest challenge today is dealing with dispatch, time constraints, mechanical issues, weather, traffic and poor rates for loads. DOT, registration forms, insurance, trailer expenses.
Never realized how people lie about simple things. Everyone passes the buck.

Accountability is huge in this industry for the drivers but down the chain of command no one accepts responsibility for their mishaps. I'm an Owner Operator and I do well financially less the cost of repairs. Recently spent 14,000 in 30 days on maintenance and my truck still has issue.

There are many days that I want to shut down but by the grace of God he renews my courage, strength, and resolve to keep on trucking. It's a lonely business for anyone not just females.

There is a lot of freedom and great reward in trucking. You must be a good steward of managing money, time, and getting proper rest. I am in too far to stop now so I choose to roll with it literally.

By God's grace, mercy, and favor all will be well. Be careful!

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Aug 28, 2016
Well balanced overview
by: Hervy

Thanks for sharing Shelia. You give some good insight. Especially useful from a woman since many ladies are interested by hesitant and might not trust the guys perspective so much, lol.

Seems you are making the most out of trucking. Making it work and finding the best from the experience. That's definitely the way to do it.

I remember those truck repair expenses, lol. My highest bill was around $7,000 at once maybe $10,000 at most in a month.

However, each time, it was worth it. Each truck I mean.

Having said that, there are a lot of companies out there who will pay a good driver will though. I went back company driver after about 8 years O/O. Made about the same but I didn't specialize or anything other than hauling furniture.

But to each his/her own. Just putting that out there for whoever reads.

Take care and keep us posted on your progress and new developments. Have a great day.

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