Trucking Jobs

by Dennis Shipman
(New Castle, DE)

Like Hervy said the economy is indeed picking up. Heck I even got a call from UPS Freight. I am strictly an owner operator, though. But we've noticed a lot of cats asking 'bout jobs. We're not really a job board. At some point, recruiters from the large companies will begin to pick up on our site. Right now, though, what I recommend for you cats looking for either a new gig or to get started in the industry is to go to They have a comprehensive listing of companies throughout the United States. If you are looking to run for a local company, you simply have to start with your state.

Hopefully, you know where you live because the listings are not broken down by counties, or even large metropolitan areas. And when you get to big states like Pennsylvania, it makes little sense to apply for a driving position in Butler which is 5 1/2 west of Philly if that is where you stay. So, best of luck. 10-4.

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Oct 08, 2017
You can find that here
by: Hervy

Types of truck driving jobs

Oct 22, 2010
types of cdl
by: Jeff

Ok well yall know me as I have been on this site talking about being a trucker with a felony. Is there a spot that talks about the different types of cdl to obtain? you have class A and Class B. Is Class A the best type of cdl to go for? Whats the difference between Class A and B? I read in the a link where it asks what kind of trucker would you want to be

Company Flatbed Truck Jobs
Owner Operator Flatbed Truck Jobs
Company Tank Truck Jobs Owner Operator Tanker Truck Jobs
Company Dry Van Truck Jobs Owner Operator Dry Van Truck Jobs
Company Reefer Truck Jobs Owner Operator Reefer Truck Jobs
Company Car Haul Truck Jobs Owner Operator Car Haul Truck Jobs
Company Mover Truck Jobs Owner Operator Mover Truck Jobs

Also I would like to know what does the D.O.T physical cover as in what would qualify or disqualify a person? If I am asking this in the wrong section please let me know and where could I post this question? I think this hits all the major questions of a person wanting to become a driver.
Thanks for all of your help and listening to me. It is greatly appreciated and yall be safe out there on the roads

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