Trucker Husband Won’t Talk On The Phone

by Kimberly

My husband of 20 yrs is an OTR truck driver. He refuses to talk to me on the phone while he’s gone.

We text but it’s just not the same. I would like to hear his voice. I call and he doesn’t answer then he texts me instead of calling back.

I will say via text can you talk and he’ll say why. I’ve asked if we can at least talk once a day. He says yes but then doesn’t follow through.

We have an 8 yr old that would love to talk to him too.

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Jun 06, 2021
Trucker husband (long distance) NEW
by: Mo

Hope you and your husband are doing okay. I feel lost after my husband raised his voice and said not to call him or text him because I woke him up with the noise numerous times. I guess I need to sit and wait till he calls.. I understand he is tired and deprived of sleep but I’m his wife and family. I sent him an email but no reply. I came across with this comment when I was googling my concern. Hope you are happy.

Nov 02, 2019
Wont talk on the phone
by: Hervy

If he just started then maybe he dont like to talk on the phone around other people. I'm like that. Its like theyre in my space and Im in theirs. Although I think most people dont really feel this way.

But if he is not in training and is supposed to be solo, that is very strange.

Also if he has been driving and that has changed its strange.

I dont knw what to tell you exept explain that its negatively affecting the relationship.

If he cares about the relationship and has no logical reasoning obviously its a serious issue.

Marriage counseling material for sure.

I assume he has never given a good reason. We cant talk on the phone when driving but we also can text.

Talking is easier with a headset.

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