Trucker Boyfriend

by Stacie
(Harrh, OK)

My trucker boyfriend and I live together and have for about 2 years. Been together for 3. He is home for a few hours Tuesday & Thursday evenings, and then home Friday evening and does not leave again until Sunday evening.

Even though he is home more than a lot of truckers I know, he hates to do anything or go anywhere, says he is gone all week and enjoys his time at home.

He is pretty much lazy at home, but if I ask him to do the dishes, laundry, etc, he will in a heart beat. As far as leaving the house, he likes to come home Friday evening (early) and not leave the house at all until he leaves for work Sunday 7pm.

I can occasionally get him to take me out to eat (maybe once a month), but only if its in the small town we live in. He does not seem to be depressed, he just feels he has earned the right to do nothing....but he don't understand how it affects me.

We are totally opposite in that I am a go go go person and he is not. I don't expect him to go go go, but I expect him to understand that I do not want to sit at home all weekend and do nothing.

He is fine with me going and doing stuff without him (like being at my families etc) he just wont go with me anywhere. I know he loves me, I have no worries about cheating etc....but I don't know if this is something that I can continue to do.

He will gladly sit in our living room and watch a movie with me, but that's it :(. He keeps talking about marriage, but there are so many things we are missing like just quality time together, I cant imagine.


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Nov 30, 2016
Same page of communication
by: Hervy

In Relationship Advice video I talk about getting on the same page. Two people from different backgrounds with different personalities define things differently.

You can download the pdf on this page, Impact of trucking on family

I believe you should ask him what makes him happy. Sounds like he is a good of enough guy that he will then ask you what makes you happy. That's when you explain what you would rather have happen.

Maybe yous guys could agree to go out every other Saturday or something.

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