Trucker Boyfriend of 7mths talks to "Old Lady" Friend ALOT on phone, should I be concerned?

by AmandaT
(Columbus, Ohio )

I've been dating my trucker boyfriend for about 7 months now. I have a class A CDL as well I just don't use it. He has had a friend, an older lady, he has been friends with for years.

They worked together about 15 years ago, then he went to another job and she and another friend of his followed. The 3 of them ran together for several more years. He went to another different company and they both followed again.

She is quite a bit older than him and seriously unattractive. He let me know about this friendship early on in our relationship. He considers her one of the guys. He talks to her on the nights when he is super sleepy and I'm in bed for work the next day.

He doesn't hide the fact that he talks to her as, his phone is on my plan. I see texts being exchanged and a lot of phone calls, up to 4 hours one day. He never hid this from me. He doesn't speak to her when his truck stops or when he is home, only when he is driving.

However, he will delete their texts from his phone & I haven't been able to see them. He knows that I know they text and talk but I'm a little leery of him deleting his texts. His ex was very jealous and controlling and didn't alllow him to talk to his friends. I think this is carrying over into our relationship.

He tells me about her and some of the stuff they talk about. I figure if something was going on he would hide it completely. How do I deal with this? I have a little bit of jealousy over this. 'My BFF who is also a trucker wife says let it go, for now. I'm really trying but I wonder what he could talk about with her for that long and why he deletes texts- even tho he is aware that I know. Habit perhaps, from his previous relationship?

I'm not sure but how do I deal with this and let this jealousy go. They both work for different companies now and I know his location at all times along with his load info (we work for the same company) and I know he doesn't see her either.

Should I be concerned or is this something normal? Should I let it go? Like I said he only talks to her when he is tired or his truck is moving. I'm new to this life and need some guidance

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