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Im actually not a truck driver, but Im a wife of a truck driver. Honestly I hate my husbands job. He wasnt always a truck driver when I first met him and ever since he became a truck driver it's been arguments MOST of the time.

Therefore we compromised for him to look for a new job after his contract is over. Some people can handle their spouse being away for some time, but I know like many other women out there (including me) I need help and attention back at home and its hard doing it yourself most of the time.

I know theres a lot of wives that relate to me; AND i HOPED I helped them so they have someone as well to relate to.

Good Luckk

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May 17, 2015
truckers wife
by: Anonymous

I was a truck drivers wife for 16 years. I miss him terribly but he was gone so much and was tired and grumpy when home.

He missed all important life events and was never there if had emergency hospital visits. Yes he was working but emotionally could have been there for me !!

Its a lonely life And I decided I'd had enough !

Jul 10, 2013
Make It Work
by: Anonymous

My step-father was truck driver for years when I was growing up so when my fiance decided to go into trucking I knew what to expect.

It's not an easy life if you don't know what your getting into, but it's still a relationship.

ALL relationships take work. My fiance and I are still figuring out how to best do certain things, since he doesnt like to be left out of the loop.

You have to be supportive of what your partner is doing, and encourage them, because I'm sure you're enjoying the benefits of being a truckers wife, even if it does suck at times.

Take it for what it is. GROW UP!!!!! You could have a man that doesn't work, is abusive, a drug addict, and so many other horrible thngs.

Being a truck drivers wife is an honor!

Apr 17, 2013
Find ways to make it work
by: Anonymous

First thing,I am one.
Second thing, Truck driving is NOT a Job,BUT a ((Lifestyle !))
If you Love your Driver,Support your Driver.

A realationship is TWO people not one. Theyre out there making a living.

Your job as homemaker is making a home.

Think of ways when driver returns, How to make the most of that time instead of sitting watching the clock .

It is difficult raising kids when this is the lifestyle , but if one thinks about it there can be many compromises made and ideas how one can enjoy the time when home .

Also take the time while he is away to do something like, your own job ( if your kids are school age ) or find time just to sit in a warm tub and papmper yourself . rearange the house , things like that .

Take time out to learn and listen to what truck driving is about , it is not a picinic , it is not easy , it is high stress everyday for hours a day.

As for lonely come on, you have a computer and a phone. sure it is no fun sleeping by yourself, BUT He is Too. If you are married is not all about You .

Sounds all harsh , but this is reality . all one can do is take this lifestyle and find ways of making it work out best .
Remember when he gets home he is tired emotionally and physically ,
so Make a nice dinner, or get a movie you can watch together with the kids , find ways to enjoy the little time he gets at home.

Also think what would he think if he read ( I can't handle it ) .. When he is only doing the best he can by providing .

Aug 23, 2012
by: Anonymous

If you're crying because your husband is out on the road and you're all alone handling everything - grow up! Clean the house, pay the bills, be a friend when he calls!

Don't be hounding him and nagging. If he doesn't call often enough, he may be loading, unloading, showering, sleeping, driving treacherous roads, struggling to stay awake, listening to a dispatcher bitch...he doesn't need to hear you bitch!

He's working! Do your part, be supportive. If you truly are a grown woman, you can handle life alone and enjoy the time you have together even more.

He IS working for you both, right?

Aug 23, 2012
by: Anonymous

If you're crying because your husband is out on the road and you're all alone handling everything - grow up! Clean the house, pay the bills, be a friend when he calls! Don't be hounding him and nagging. If he doesn't call often enough, he may be loading, unloading, showering, sleeping, driving treacherous roads, struggling to stay awake, listening to a dispatcher bitch...he doesn't need to hear you bitch!

He's working! Do your part, be supportive. If you truly are a grown woman, you can handle life alone and enjoy the time you have together even more. He IS working for you both, right?

Aug 14, 2012
life as a driver's wife
by: Anonymous

My husband drives OTR and comes home every 5-8wks. It's rough because I was on the road with him for almost three years but came home to take care of my teen kids.

I've been home since Memorial weekend and the adjustment to life without him is really tough. I feel guilty because he wants to spend his day talking to me so I am on the phone from when I get up in the morning until I go to bed, with breaks when he needs to charge up his ear piece.

I don't get a lot done because of all the phone time. The other major adjustment is being alone all the time and basically living like a single mom because I have to do everything.

I think there needs to be support groups for driver's spouses because unless you know the life, you don't understand and having a person tell me that

I have no kind of marriage doesn't help the situation.

Feb 23, 2012
Newby truck driver wife
by: Anonymous

Thank God for this web site. I am a new at this since my husband is just now taking his orientation as a long haul truck driver and I worry about it every day.

Him being on the road for long periods of time is something I can't imagine as we have spent most all of our time together for the past 61/2 years of our marriage.

Even so, I am glad he found a job as he has been unemployed for most of those years as a construction worker.

Construction jobs took a huge nose dive and it used to drive me crazy and I would get extremely silently burning with anger inside that I was working so hard on my job like I do and he was sitting at home just cooking and cleaning.

I appreciated him for what he did do but I want a man who is a provider and protects me and us in that way as well.

I appreciate some of the things said on here.
Things like life is 90% of what you make it to be and 10% of things that happen to you. This is very true! We forget that many times.

I also know that because my job is so hard physically on the job that I am probably going to take an early retirement settlement and join my husband in the passenger seat in 2 years.

I hope that he can prove stable enough and hold down this job permanently as I have been the main bread winner to support the household most of the time but not all the time.

Still, we have a morgage and many other important things to pay and I will be depending on him.

This is my main worry is leaving a really stable job where they like me to join my husband as a passenger only. You should always have some kind of a back up and plann B Just in case.

With all this being said; I love my husband very much. He has waited on me hand and foot and babied the daylights out of me and now we are in a major transition in life.

All I can think about is come sweet early retirement so I can nestle next to my man daily forever until he retires which will be quite a few years from now.

I thank God that he has a job where he is going to being making bank and we caretire together with nothing to worry about any longer.

Trucker make good money and this world and it's economy is going down. I AM GOING TO KEEP MY HEAD UP AND KEEP MY EYES ALWAYS ON OUR GOALS AND OUR FUTURE!
Best wishes to all of you!!!!!

Feb 01, 2012
A New Truck Drivers Wife Story
by: StvinixsDot

Hubby Came Out of A Mid-Life Crisis and Truck Driving For My Hubby Is Now His Reality and Job (long haul trucker). 3 months in school, 8 weeks of truck training and now 3 months on the road (OTR). I'm trying to teach myself alone what his new trade is all about. He's learning a brand new trade and lifestyle and guess what, so am i. He was a cerimac tile setter before his mid-life crisis adventure. uneployment paid for school and training and now is away. He will not discuss his adventures good, bad or the ugly of it all. i feel he likes it, well good for him, I Dont Trust the job, him yes but a Honest man before with no adventures at his old job might bring on a astray man with new and plentiful adventures... A More Adventurous job to a new comer in a new trade. THIS IS WHAT I WORRY ABOUT.. You Know Whom Just love the newbies. (lizards/whores)etc...Im 55 and its not my mid-life crisis choice its his, and when i dont like delayed texts or calls or promises....he states ITS NOT MY CHOICE TO DO THIS WORK......comon now dude....YES IT WAS & IS UR CHOICE. im selfish when i say I DONT WANT HIM TO LIKE HIS NEW JOB caz sitting at home by mself sucks big time. Maybe if he didnt like his new job he would push himself to find something else or at least talk to me about the good, bad and the ugly side of his new job...He Says Zilch . So now he plays me to start thinking of the worst knowing what i think a truck driver job is. I Hate These Guess What Im Doing While im Away jobs..We have been married for 25 years. i married a tile setter (home at night for 25 years without fail) not a truck driver and now with no communication, he's protecting himself from the big bad wife at home and her he doesnt have to have any concerns..NOW I GIVE HIM HELL, U betcha. Is he trying to end his marriage after 25 years..NOTE: mmmm he is Now Calling Me His Love and constinly says i love u on text...but when i return the text with a concern or question..he doesnt answer me till i text him 4 more texts or phone calls....Y is he making me into a horrible wife, me wanting to know stuff....ITS BECAUSE HE DOESNT WANT TO TALK ABOUT HIS JOB. I MIGHT LEARN STUFF HE DOESNT WANT ME TO LEARN.....So Im learning a lot and i hate it even more...wouldnt it be much nicer if he told me the ins and outs, instead of me learning it by myself where my thoughts are not comforted when i come across something i dont understand or like what goes on in this trade. AWE Silence is golden And So Is A Snake. Does he Want me To have bad thoughts Caz i Have Some allready, him in silence regarding his new job trade. I wish to learn from him, my honest husband before he uncomes a honest husband...ALL THE SAME RHIANNON, ALL THE SAME I Need Support ASAP Dealing.

Jun 06, 2011
by: Anonymous

My husband and I got married 2 weeks ago. We have been together for almost 2 years. When we met, he was going out on Mondays and coming home on Wednesdays, then going back out on Thursdays and back Friday nights. (Yes, I realize it could be a heck of a lot worse being gone weeks at a time.) Back in November his boss brought him in the warehouse Mondays-Wednesdays and gone Thursdays and Fridays (so one night a week he wasn't home). I have two boys from a prior relationship (7 and 2) and it's hard raising them without him there. 2 weeks into our marriage and his boss called him in the office this morning. His schedule has changed. He no longer is in the warehouse, but gone Mondays and back Tuesday nights, then goes back out Wednesdays thru Fridays. (so only home 1 night a week again) His boss said it's only temporary but I don't see how that can be. The boss over his boss is questioning why my husband is back in the truck (as the big bosses have seen my husband work in the warehouse and would rather have him in there than some other guys). It is very frustrating and I already feel alone.

May 12, 2011
kids at home
by: Anonymous

is it possible to have a good relationship with your children being out on the road as a truck driver. im curious because i am about to leave my three year old for a couple years to drive truck i know we will miss eachother like crazy but can i make it work can i get the time with her that i need and will she understand.

Dec 17, 2010
I'm just a beginner........
by: Cassie

My husband has only been a "driver" for 2 weeks and I'm already going out of my mind! I never intended to get married so that I could be alone, I thought I got married so that we could be together!! We've been married 15 years this coming february and he's decided to be a truck driver because of the economy......says there just aren't any other jobs out there. I'm grateful too that he's trying something but this whole gone for extended periods of time thing is for the birds. I grew up with a truck driver for a father and I hated it. He was never around, never attended any important events, missed my graduation, the births of my kids etc.......I swore I'd never be a truck drivers wife and here i sit........waiting for him to make his nightly call to me.......and still waiting. This seriously blows. I can't see many positives, I mean seriously? Gone for almost a month at a time and home for a couple of days? What kind of life is that? How is that a marriage? What about our kids (we have 6) and their relationship with their dad........they won't have one. These guys can say all day long that they just can't imagine a "boring same thing everyday" job, what does that say about where their families are on the priority list? I'd rather work a suck job anyday than be away from my family 99% of the time and miss out on everything. I'm suppose to be this understanding wife that listens to him vent, supports him and waits right here until he comes home.......what about me? Who's here for me? Who waits to spend time with me? No one.

I don't know how all you women do this for years and years, I'm barely handling week 3.

Apr 20, 2010
I understand and I have my days
by: Anonymous

I guess it does take a strong independent woman to be a truckers wife..I am not always that person..but I am grateful for my husband..he works hard for me and our three boys,I am aLone alot of the time..but I would rather have my husband in my life then not at all and the moments we get to spend together we make count..I love him so much and we've had our problems...he thought the grass was greener on the other side...he found out the weeds grow over there he started watering his own grass ...him drivng a truck keeps him away alot but I stand by my man..he's out there working..missing us and I am home raising our boys...when the day comes and they all leave for their lives I will join him in the truck...but we do what we got to right now..I know some moms who leave their kids with grandma to be with their husbands...just don't get that but whatever floats your boat

Mar 03, 2010
I'm in the same boat with you all!
by: Krystin

I am also a "truckers wife"..we have only been married for 9 months..together for 2 1/2. We have 2 children together and I currently stay at home, which makes me even more alone. If I had a job where I could interact with other adults I think I wouldn't be that unhappy. I spend my time at home "alone" with the kids and doing basically everything as if I was a single mother. It gets very frustrating when he comes home. He is either too tired to do anything or just wants to sleep his time he has home away. We have no time for each other at all, therfore our sex life is demolished. We fight and argue non-stop. We have drifted so far apart I do't even think it's worth saving. I wish I didn't love him anymore, atleast that would be my easy way out. Our whole life revolves around his job, and honestly I am jealous. I know he provides us with a home and food and ect. but what about me?..I have needs as a woman..with him gone all the time I more lonely than being single. Switching jobs or finding new work is not an option..he has been there too long.I totally understand what you other women are going is very hard to make a marriage work when the other half is barely there. I just pray we will find each other again. Any advice?

Feb 28, 2010
by: Anonymous

I have been married for 22 years and we have been together for 30 almost. We don't seem to have anything in common anymore and he is so tired all of the time. He can't see himself dong the same thing day after day like a factory job he says so he keeps driving. We have debt to pay so he has no choice. I just don't want to live like this anymore but feel guilty because he is working or is he. How do I know. I do everything alone, had our babies alone, go through holidays alone. I can't take it anymore. I wish that I didn't love him anymore and it would be easier. Divorce isn't an option what do I do?

Oct 24, 2009
Moving Forward cont'd
by: Anonymous

Well boys and girls, we had the talk, October 1st my life as I knew came to a screeching halt. We have decided to end our 27 yr marriage. I am heartbroken and so frustrated I could scream, wishing I would have just done it 5 yrs. ago.

We agree it is for the best as I do not expect him to quit his job when he has huge debt and he does not expect me to continue on in a relationship where we are growing apart more and more. We have no common interests anymore. The most we are able to accomplish together when he is home is we get to go to dinner beyond that he is road frazzled and has NO energy for anything else.

Though I cannot imagine myself with anyone else he is encouraging me to find a daily life companion, something he could never be for me and live my life. I figure it will take at least 2 yrs for my heart to be anywhere near healed before I can even think about dating. The thought of it repulses me and scares the hell out of me.

I love my husband deeply and he loves me but we no longer have the same vision for our future. This is what happens when you do not have time to nurture your love and your marriage.

I don't want to discourage you men and women out there but think long and hard about your priorities and your future. Being a drivers wife/husband is tough at best. God bless you all.

Oct 18, 2009
How does one survive as the wife an over the road driver?
by: Jennifer

I am a stay at home mom of 3..3,1.5 and 3wks. My husband is a local truck driver for the oilfield but lately he is working long hours and is doing more long haul runs..When he is home he doesn't want to leave the house to do family outings. We have been married 5 yrs and i have never been more alone.

I try to remember that he is providing us a home and all our needs but at the same time i can't help getting angry at him. I am more angry at the situation but it comes out at him. How do i keep the our love alive when i have to shut it off when he leaves.

I don't know how to remain balanced..and keep our marriage alive. Any advice out there?


Sep 27, 2009
by: Ms.Truck Driver's Wife

Im glad to see other wives so strong and patient with their husbands for pursuing a trucking job they really enjoy. On the other hand I'm unfortunately a very impatient wife and I don't like one bit feeling like im alone when I don't have to.

I see life and live it like its the end tomorrow, and I cant see myself living life like it ends tomorrow when my husband is away. So therefore I'm glad my husband was able to be on the same page with me and find a trucking driving job that will make us both happy, which I think is a key to a good, long marriage (HAPPINESS!).

Thanks for commenting.

Sep 26, 2009
Moving Forward as a truckers wife
by: Angie

Hi there. I have been a Truck drivers wife for way too long, 22 years. He sprung on me after I got home from school one night. I was so angry he didn't even discuss it with me and I really had no idea it was a thought in his head.

I am at the point where I just don't think I can handle much beyond this next year and it is time to have a discussion. I have said the last 5 years one more year, I will hang in one more year. I think I have reached my limit.

I have tried to find ways to have a life outside of my lonely marriage. I am in church but I have found people don't know what to do with a married woman who attends church alone and her husband is gone all the time.

Nobody invites me anywhere, they are sweet and nice and encouraging at church but most women are very protective if there is a brief of exchange of niceties with their husbands which is a rare thing because I don't talk to men as rule alone.

I have made my grandkids my life but I need adult friends and everyone has families and lives and single women hang out at single women establishments.

I have crafts and reading and learning to sew and daily things but beyond that I am alone and lonely.

I am planning to go back to school and that's wonderful but I expected at this point of my life to be spending more time with my husband with all of our kids out the house but we really don't have a lot in common anymore.

I don't want another man I just want companionship and friendship. I am 51 and still active.

I will be hopefully having a discussion with my husband with what limited time we have together this weekend so we'll see what comes of it.

His job consumes him anymore. It is the best driving job he's had in all these years and I am happy for him that he enjoys what he does but I dont' see an end to this anytime soon.

I do not like to travel alot and I can only handle being in the truck for like at the most a week a year if that.

Thanks for reading... My email is if you care to comment.

Sep 25, 2009
I think we can almost all relate how difficult it is being a truck drivers wife
by: Jennifer S

I totally agree that it is very hard being a drivers wife. For me, sometimes it is the most difficult thing that I deal with. My husband was not a truck driver when we got married either (see my story) I like it no more now, than I did when he first sprung the idea on me.

I however, have learned to deal with it a bit better.There are times that I just do not think I can make it one more day being a "drivers wife." Then I wake up the next morning and think "what would my life be with out him at all"? I realize pretty quickly that Even if I only have him for a short time, I still have him. I can relate, believe me. I think we all can!

Its never easy, but life is 10% of what happens to us, and 90% how we react to it. That is what keeps me going. I know that one day soon, I will be in the passengers seat until his retirement. I just keep my chin up, and look forward to that time


Sep 25, 2009
I can relate. I am a truck drivers wife too. It's Hard
by: Dezzy

I truly understand how you feel. I too am a long hall truck drivers wife. Sometimes it is more than I can bare, but I know we are more fortunate than many others. Fact being at least we are employed. I would love for my husband to find a local job, but reality is there are no jobs out there and I fear it will get worse. I do wish you and your husband the best.

My only advice is hang in there and remember we(TRUCK DRIVERS WIVES) have it better than other women for instance some army wives. They go for long periods of time away from there husbands, close to a year sometimes. I am fortunate I see my husband at least every three weeks. I could not imagine a year.

Just something to think about! please do not take this the wrong way, it is my opinion.

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