Truck Drivers Wife Needs Relationship Advice

I am wondering if you have any suggestions for me. We have been through a lot in the last year. We lost our home and in the meantime, my husband took a truck driving course. He has been gone a fair amount of this year.

I am feeling extremely lonely and have a 9 year old at home. If I wanted to go out and do something, I would first need to find someone to sit w/my son. I dont know many people in our area, as, we have recently moved. I just now found a website for truckers wives w/ forums on it. I am hoping that I can communicate w/ someone on it.

I feel like I am at my wits end. I have made every mistake that a wife could, after reading the info on your site, such as, nagging, harping,crying etc. I feel as if I am depressed. Please help me w/any advice that you can. Thank you.


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May 16, 2011
Open you heart AND your eyes
by: Laura

What you are experiencing is real.... Don't pretend he didn't leave you at home to fend for yourself... It is exactly that.... He isn't making that much and could be home working for the same wage. I fell into the clutches of the pretenders with the imaginary husbands and boyfriends. Get out... Meet someone..... Someone who makes YOU the choice and leave the open road to those who love it! Bless them for hauling those precious oranges from coast to coast. They dont need a warm loving home.... They have the love of.... Well nothing....imaginary wives.

It's not Nobel... They are the patsies of the trucking industry.

Jan 18, 2010
Girl we can help
by: Jennifer S


I am not sure who annonymous is, I have never had a lot of respect for those that cannot leave their names. Feels to me as if they are hiding something....

Since you read my post, lol, you will know I am for real.

We here at LAAT have started a real time support group for drivers wives. There is so much support to be given. we are at

Please join us there- our numbers grow daily, and there is constant support there. This includes chats, friends, tips, and much much more.

Hope to see you there

Jennifer S

Jan 14, 2010
TW needs advice
by: Anonymous

This is your life, He will not be there for you when you need him, you must create a life for you and your son. It will not be easy I'm not going to lie. Find things to do, keep yourself busy, if you can find a good church get planted, build relationships. Join the YMCA you might qualify for the scholarship program if you can't afford the fees, get your son involved in the programs there and you can workou, you both can swim, go to the library, once you start meeting people you will begin to see a support system developing and your son will make friends and you will too. You may need to pick up some do it yourself books because you are going to be the one you are going to have to depend on. Even with all the family I have around here, I pretty much had to depend on myself. Come to the ladies chat from this site, get a FB page and come hang out. God bless,
Angie, Truck Driver's wife of 21 yrs.

Jan 14, 2010
by: Anonymous

Get in a church that teaches the bible, preferably non-denominational, where your child can become friends with other children of believers and participate in all the activities, you and your child should spend as much time together as possible. Be thankful for the fact you have a husband that is willing and able to work and provide for his family. There are worse things than being alone! Pray for him and teach your child how to pray for him too. Take time to make the most of his home time as a family.

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