Truck driver with 27 yrs past experience

by Thomas Carter
(United States)

class b truck driver been driving for over 27 years had to quit my first job that i had for 9 years to go do 90 days at the penital form for sexual battery over 22 years ago. well after the 90 days got out got a job had for 3 years till i could get back to driving a truck at another company that told me i had to wait 3 year before they would hire me cause that how far back thy went on felony charges.

So i got the job, was there 10 years and got fired for a wreck i was in. so now i have been looking for 4 years for someone to give me a chance with a good company again. had 2 jobs in the last four years but when they finally found out me being on the sex registry, they let me go so i need a job.

It's been 22 years ago i was charge and have worked since then and need some one to give me a chance

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