TRC-465 sideband 40 channel radio

by Dan
(Lorain Ohio)

It's an older Radio Shack sidebander. TRC-465, 40 channel stock radio.The past couple of days I have talked skip on it.I talked all the way from Montreal Canada to the Island of Granada and Maine to California.I did have a KL 203 behind it but still it works great.

Its had a lot of use but its still a great radio.On a scale of 1 to 10 I would rate it at about a 6 on its looks.All the lights work.The meter works.The meter is about right on AM but its a little stingy on sideband.It keys 3 1/2 on AM and 14 on sideband.

It would do better as a base radio if you're going to use it on sideband, because it will drift with temp change.But it would have no problem with it in a mobile.

If your going to use it on AM.No drift there.I'm asking $35 for it.You can't beat it for that price.I'll miss it but I have a big radio now.

PRICE- $35.00 plus shipping if you are out of the area


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