Trainco truck driving school

by Mike Rayburn
(Lincoln Park, Michigan. USA)

This business is more than a business. They are a family. And once your part of that family, it's family for life. Sharon, Mark, Lance among others are some of the greater instructors in this industry in Michigan.

Extremely safety oriented. Very knowledgeable and encouraging. Their teaching skills are proven day after day as I watch my class grow. They get ya out there. Not sitting on your duff in a classroom. They also administer the test there. No special breaks because your a student but because they adhere to the states standards tell me, whom better could you learn from?

Located conveniently right off of I75 in Taylor, Michigan they are in a perfect location. The main reason I believe I can appreciate this family is their commitment to safety.

My family runs these roads as well as anyone else's. So this is a top priority for me. If you can't show them you have the skills, you won't be out there (at least not by Trainco)! But that's the beauty of the place, they make sure you are a safe driver by the time your class is done.

Trainco, love ya guys. Thank you!!

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