Tom Berger will relocate. 15 yrs Exp Class A all Endorsements. Want to drive part time

by Tom Berger
(Fort Collins, Colorado)

Me and my wife

Me and my wife

Sir i am looking for a seasonal truck driving opportunity, I am married and my wife and daughter live in the Philippines , We have a farm there and my .I want to be able to farm there and make extra money here in the US i have a class A cdl with all the endorsements , and hazmat,

I have driven commercially for 15 years in all conditions , Mountains , Winters. I live in Colorado and grew up here. I have even driven in a war zone in Iraq. I have never had a moving violation or accident ever,

I am in great shape and health i run and lift weights daily. I do not drink or smoke. I like physical work a lot along with driving. I have many opportunities for full time driving and delivery but i only want seasonal. I dont care when just for a period of time i can make extra money and go back to the Philippines and Farm.

I have a great resume and references i can email you, I would be happy to hear all possibilities. Please give me a Call, I will relocate anywhere for the rite job and hope i can work year after year with the same company or owner.

I have seasonal opportunities now but they are very short just a few weeks and the work usually gets so slow , I hope someone has an opportunity for me.

I am an excellent employee, Thank you
Tom Berger 970-689-1122

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