Tips for being healthy OTR

Is there any tips for the trucker for being healthly or eating tips?

My fiancé has gained more in the past 6 months than he has ever done in his life.

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Feb 12, 2017
Yes there are tips for losing weight and staying in shape as a trucker
by: Hervy

Healthy trucker advice

Jul 18, 2014
Tips for being a more health conscious
by: Hervy

Unfortunately, we drivers tend to place the blame for gaining weight and getting out of shape on trucking.

The reality is that we simply need to make better choices about what we eat and what we do in our spare time.

There are alternatives readily available to hot dogs, doughnuts and soda even at truck stops. Even better we can take food with us that is cheaper and nutritious. It can also be quicker.

There is plenty of exercise that can be done without a gym or equipment. So no excuse there either.

To the weight gain can be reversed with a change in attitude and better choices.

This page is where I cover being a health trucker with more details about what I did to lose weight and maintain a constant weight after loosing for over 10 years over the road.

Being a healthier driver

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