Timetraveler.... A Must Read Story

by walter a jordan
(state road, nc)



My brother Chris is in heaven. he was driving for bar-s in cheyenne wy. hauling water to the oil riggs 10 miles south of cheyenne, wy. they had bad trucks and he had bills . so he took the job.

He was in a roll over on a second dairy rd where two trucks could not pass each other unless they were going 5 miles an hour. His passenger drive hit the right shoulder and he tried to jump and the truck flipped and he is dead.

A year after his death his girlfriend sent a cross to put on his grave so i had no camera so i used one he had still wraped up like a candy bar from cr england. you know for accident scenes 15 shot. so i took my family to the grave and they were putting the cross next to the grave and i was taking photos.

I took the camera to wal mart here in elkin , nc to have two sets one for me and one for Joella in cheyenne. i call her a few days later and she said chris was in one of the photos and he is she was crying . so i went to get the photos and look at mine and there he was . i thought i was going to die. i did not believe it so i went to walmart and showed the person that developed them and she was crying.

My brother and i always had a pack that who ever died first would come and tell the other what was up but chris never talked to me but the photo was all i needed. click on the grave photo this is real we do not know who the other person is you can not see his whole face . but Chris's face is clear.

Thank you all and hammer down, be safe, keep the sunny side up. I miss my brother very much. Thanks for reading this and we still do not know who helped him drop his drives. to the shoulder. it will all come out in heaven...Tony Jordan.

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