Time together is not really time together

by Tiffany

Playing video games

Playing video games

My husband is home most weekends late Friday night to Sunday evening. I'm very selfish with this time. I want him all to myself. Our children and 20 and 12 and usually off doing their thing.

My husband likes to stay up at night playing video games but I want him to come to bed with me. I miss him!! We aren't new to this, it's been 14 years.

I've noticed I'm more "needy" now that our kids aren't needing me. I want to be fair to him and allow him time alone but I really am lonely at night.

When your man is home, how does he divide his time between you and himself?

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Dec 24, 2018
Try this NEW
by: Anonymous

When him and the child start to play sit down and watch a min. then just ask where is you paddle. Look I hate computer games. But i play more minecraft with my husband and kids when he is home then i want to admit. There is a point of time when we a table in the front room with 5 yes 5 computers on it. And we start a game and work on it as a family. It's not what you do together but the quality of the time. You can set there and feel sorry for yourself or you can join in on the fun. You will realy be suprised at how much fun. you will have and so will he. That time that he is in is not just about you sorry to say. So let me be the first to say.... have fun gaming .. and kick his butt on it... lmao

May 31, 2016
Gaming NEW
by: Angela

I too had the same problem with my hubby. See my post on becomeing2 separate people.

I started lifting, running, hiking, and rock climbing. I pursued my own friend base and interests. If he didn't want to spend time with me, then fine, I'd find something else to do.

He was ok with staying home and gaming IF I stayed there with him. Once I started living my own life and didn't depend on him, he woke up from his gaming phase. He saw me living my life anyway and decided he wanted to be part of it.

I've been married 20 years and this philosophy has somewhat backfired. It took me too long to find myself and too long after that for him to notice I changed. I harbor resent for him not being there for me emotionally. I tried telling him of my needs but couldn't get through to him. In retrospect, I should have tried harder in getting through to him. So if you do become more independent to full fill your needs, make sure he knows why - that you are unfulfilled emotionally by him. Perhaps he will "wake up" sooner than my hubby did and avoid the emotional disconnect later.

Mar 28, 2016
2 ideas to help you out
by: Hervy

I have 2 ideas for you.

1. If you can get him that game for the truck. Maybe he will be tired of it when he comes home.

2. Dress up very sexy and with his favorite perfume on.

bonus...And don't get offended, be open minded and consider that this is from a guy.

1. To help deal with the neediness, invest some time in yourself. An interest or hobby that can take up your time when he is gone. Preferably something that can eventually generate income, then maybe he can come off the road one day. But if not, just pursue some interest.

2. If you gained weight, then trim down. Get in the shape you were in when he met you. This is coming from a man. People can say what the want about how this shouldn't matter blah blah blah, it matters to a guy.

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