Thomas cdl a/p-endoresment

by thomas
(orlando fl)

just chillin

just chillin

long story short I cought a drug charge in 2002 and its stopping me from get in the commercial field. Ive been driving straight trucks and vans from 2000-2010 and I went to trucking school to upgrade my dl from a class d to and class a. I got done with school in 2009 but I stay at the school help training other students intill I get a job. Right now I do it for free just to stay fresh and I apply for jobs everyday and i came across this site and prayfuly it will produce better result then the others. And im sorry for any one in a tuff position but giving dui driver a better chance then someone with drug felony is crazy. But the though of drinking and driving in and semi truck is very scary though. Pray to God they dont relapse. Any job leads please let me know at or 727-465-8165 this is my buisness number come up records just leave ur name and number and ill get back with you asap. thanks thomas

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