This is harder than I imagined.....

My fiance just left for OTR driving this morning. Never imagined it would be this hard. Please tell me it gets easier. We had been dreading this day and here it is I am just looking for support seeing as I don't have many friends and none that understand. Thanks.

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Sep 22, 2014
Re: This is harder than I imagined... NEW
by: Teamster#1

You just join thousands of other drivers wives and loved ones. Your on the lucky end of the deal. As driver's we have no one to interact with,were out here all alone. We get the occasional conversation at the truck stop lounge. Just remember it's harder on him then it will be on you. He's sacrificing time and moments at home he'll never get back. Why would anyone do that you ask?! It's because he loves you that much! It's a true sign of being a real man to sacrifice for your loved ones. It will make you both stronger than you could of imagined. I wish both of you the best of luck! Keep rolling on!

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