Thinking out loud about the old days of trucking and now

by ye ole tree cliamer CB handle
(Rochester NH)

Ye ole truck driver local an over the road:

well let me just say as a ole truck driver it brings back good memories of the good ole days.

you young people out there now have no idea how the good ole days were, But I give all of you a lot of credit now that things have changed so much.

No CBs much any more , Now cell phones took the place of pay phones, and a computer on board wow never heard of a computer when I was out there trucking when my boss knew where I was its was after I was unloaded and I called him on a pay phone.

Computer took the good ole dinners where many trucker got together and talked about where they were going and someone would or has been there would show you how to get there.

wow how did we ever get anything delivered them days with out a cell phone and computer .

Now the boss knows right where you are at all times may as well be on the dock loading trucks in stead of being the free driver on the road.

But to all you young people you are all smart with this, that's why I got off the road. We didn't have to worry about the boss and he didn't have to worry bout us doing our job.

Now dot has got so bad ya'll cant geter done like we did.

Thank God ya'll got computer with the way they keep changing the roads ever couple of years I see why you need one.

signed ye ole tree climber. they cant print new map books as fast as they change the roads.

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