thinking of quitting my job to ride with my husband over the road driving for Werner. Any advice ladies?

by Ashley
(Lebanon, Pa)

My boyfriend of 6 years ( no children yet) has his CDL A and is looking for a driving job. He is looking into Werner because he has no experience yet. I know I can handle being away from him for a week or two. Well at least Im hoping I can handle it. He asked me to go with him over the road, I guess Werner has a rider policy. I was just wondering if anyone had advice on whether I should tag along or not.

Also I heard some bad things about Werner like not having enough loads/miles etc. I will be quitting my job once he starts this one so I can go with him, but Im not sure if they will pay enough for me to be out of work.

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Jun 01, 2011
Don't Quit your job!
by: Hervy

lol, not yet anyway!

Welcome to the trucking lifestyle Ashley. You got some very good advice. Thanks everyone for chiming in. Carrie thanks for that, the first thing I was thinking was, no way he will be gone only 2 weeks,lol

As far as the feedback about Werner, like they said you'll get the negative and positive about such a large company.

I too have talked to some people with the negativity. Some of that is definitely due to the computerized logs combined with a clown for a dispatcher. With those computerized logs you really need to have a dispatcher who cares about his job performance and is also competent otherwise you will get what you described short miles.

I agree with what was said definitely go out on the road later. Don't quit, take a leave of absence for as long as you can just in case.

Also go ahead and save all that you can to prepare for it so if anything comes up between now and then requiring extra money it's less likely to ruin the plans for you to take some time off to ride.

Relax, it's a new adventure but it sounds you have a good man, and it seems the relationship is great. The career is a good choice, even if he ends up with a clown for a dispatcher, he is not doomed to deal with that forever.

Plus you have read the proof that Werner has something good to offer.

So you guys just hang in there and enjoy the ride.

Let us know how it's going,
Best wishes,

May 27, 2011
hanging in there
by: Anonymous

Which Werner terminal did you work for? Do they pay you decent. I have heard a lot of bad things about them not paying their employees. I know not to believe everything I hear on the internet but a LOT of people say the same things. Either way he is still taking the job. He leaves in 12 days. I really hope it doesnt take 6-8 weeks, but if it does I cant do anything about it except show him my support and count down the days to his arrival. It is going to be very hard especially when you are used to seeing someone everyday and sleeping beside them everynight. It is going to be a completely different lifestyle for me, and him. Hopefully we will make it through this a stronger couple. I guess you can say it will make or break us. I know we will be ok as long as we dont let our emotions get the best of us and do anything that will hurt the other. His recruiter "promised" all the things saying it will only take 2 weeks and if he does those 2 weeks in a row wo/ a break inbetween then he gets a $500 bonus. I guess we will see if they pull through on their first deals. *sigh* the closer it gets and the more I think about the whole situation, the more nervous I get. Well I will check back later. Any advice/comments are appreciated.

May 27, 2011
Good luck out there
by: Carrie

I drive for Werner myself.You can research any company out there and always find negative stuff. Just like the news..people only talk about the negative stuff. Werner has treated me well thus far, and have excellent benefits. I have only good things to say about them. Now..part#2. He will be gone longer than 2 weeks. Students are out with their trainers until they complete 300 driving hours. Typically 6-8 weeks (yes straight).My training period was a LOT longer due to trainers taking vacations.
It's a looong 6-8 weeks. It will be stressful to have him gone that long. And may be stressfull for him as well. HANG IN THERE!!!. Show eachother MUCH MUCH support while he is gone. ( you BOTH will need it from eachother) Say the "I miss yous" but trust me limit the bitching about how long he's gone. (from both sides..again trust me I was there) The payoff from the stressful 6-8 week period will be wonderful, and you will both be happy you saw it through!!!!!! Trucking is now in my blood and I'm glad my family and myself, saw me through being away from home as long as I was. It's all a blurr now, and I wouldn't trade trucking for any other job!
Good luck. You'll enjoy it out there when he gets done with training.

May 25, 2011
thanks for the advice
by: Anonymous

Thank you for the feedback. Im glad to hear Werner is a good company to work for because I have heard a lot of horror stories about them on the internet. Well he is leaving two Wednesdays from now for his orientation/training and will be gone for 2 weeks straight :( that will probably be the hardest part for me. I know when he is done and sets up the rider policy for me I will join him. Im excited to see what his life is going to be like. He only wants to do OTR for a year or two until he gets some experience. Then he wants to find a local job where he is home every night. We agreed on not having children until he can be home with us everynight or at least most of the time instead of 1 night out of the week. I think that would be a lot better for children to have both parents around most of the time. Well I will keep everyone updated on how it goes for us, it actually makes me feel better getting everything out. Wish me good luck these next couple of weeks are going to be tough.

May 24, 2011
by: american trucker

I was a driver trainer for them 11yrs.They treated me well. all you can do is try it.

May 24, 2011
by: Anonymous

GO! I can't stress this enough. My hubby trained with a guy from Werner and they got so many miles they almost never shut the truck off. Now hubby is a solo driver for Werner and the benefits are great. As long as you have the opportunity to go with him do it. You may not be a couple any more if you don't because OTR is a lifestyle, not a job.

May 24, 2011
Go for it
by: Katrina

I don't know about Werner, but I know that the opportunity to go over the road should never be missed. I have just retired and am going out in June with my hubby, we have done this before and I wouldn't take anything for the chance to do it again. If you have no children to worry about it is so easy. You will find out that your expenses are greatly reduced (not having to take care of two houses, because his truck is his house. My man drives for Dart and I know that they are one of the best, as far as taking care of us. Of course, the face that my hubby has been driving for 35 years makes a difference. My best advice is to go for it and learn to enjoy being together, everything else will work out. So enjoy LIFE and each other as you "KEEP ON TRUCKING".

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