Thing about New/Barely Used Trucks/Warranty

by A.J.
(Atlanta, Ga)

Just something to consider when buying new or barely used with factory warranties, particularly on a newer model or 1st year of a new generation truck/engine.
There will likely be a few common manufacturing bugs, recalls, refit's etc. which will cause warranty work order backups at the dealers, plus they don't like warranty work, it pay's them less so in a lot of cases and in my experience take 2-4X longer than a normal customer paying repair(Plus Technicians are too few and high in demand,) drastically increasing your downtime.
In some cases it may be wise to consider paying an independent repair shop out of pocket just to get you on the road sooner, consider your down time is just the same as money out of pocket, plus the regular monthly overhead cost's that don't stop.

But then again depending on the repair it could void your warranty.

If your truck is past it's factory warranty and has or sold with an independent warranty, you could be facing even more downtime, as these companies will try everything to keep from paying a repair claim especially to an independent shop and delay the process.

If it does have a warranty or is sold with an independent warranty, or if you want to purchase your own, try to find one with a rental/loaner clause.

Most breakdowns on modern and new/barely used trucks are emission related, consider a dpf/scr delete ;)

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