The trucking school is backed up on testing vehicles for students will pay to use yours

by Phillip
(Lawrenceville, Georgia, United States )

Hi I live in Lawrenceville, Georgia and I am in need of an owner operator that is willing to let me use your truck to take the DMV’s CDL Class A Driving test. I went through 3 weeks of training but they didn’t tell me that they are so backed up it will be after holidays to get a truck there to take test.

I would need some time with you and your truck to get familiar with the engine compartment, cab, trailer, etc and a few back up manuuvers and then time out of your day to let me take the test.

Not sure what to the going rate is, but I have a job lined up so I’m almost willing to say name your price for a half day in your truck and your time. I was thinking around 300-350. (I really have no idea what the going rate is so please don’t let this amount reflect what I think your time and truck are worth) But if this amount is not enough let me know what is and most likely I’ll accept. Of course I will pay cash.

Email me.

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