The process for dealing with driver with past experience is bull

by Larry Hawkins
(Burlington N )

Ok I have recently inquired about driving a dump truck locally, and get this, even with a class B they want recent experience.

Such bull as to you have to back inclined areas, and need to know how to lift the load for dumping.

What an insult to any drivers intelligence. This recent driving , insurance requirement, is bull.

Nothing but a mere way for the trucking schools to make a buck, AND TRY TO RETARD OVERTURN.

We all know drivers get treated worst that a Manhattan trick, and many companies jock the driver all over the place, just to keep him out on the road. We need to get together and protest.

I ask one guy , ok with this requirement, who in the hell is going to hire me, and if you think I am going to piss money on a refresher course , that routes me back to Swift Motor Lines or the the like, is this not more Bull.

Who in hell passed this non sense, and further more is this a national requirement?

So is there anyone else experiencing this kind of nonsense.

Larry Hawkins ( handle... Laid Back) Give me a reply please.

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