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Thank You to All Truck Drivers!

Why You should thank them too.......

All of the things that make you happy or help you get things done day to day are delivered to you or your favorite store by truck drivers.  The electronics, games, clothing, food, housing materials.  Are transported and delivered by truck.

Truck drivers sacrifice a normal life for one away from family and friends for weeks at at a time....for what most assume is a hefty salary.  Most truckers will tell you they are underpaid for what they do.

Why do they do it? 

Many of them love what they do.  They like the feeling of doing an important job.  They can see that what they do makes a difference.  It makes people happy and helps keep the country moving. 

Without trucks hauling freight of all kinds business wouldn't run long.  The economy would stop and you are not just without toys and extras, many people won't even have a job to go to.

This is true in America and also in most countries all over the world.  Sometimes the reality of a huge truck on the highways are an inconvenience, I understand that, but remember, they are doing a job that impacts you in many ways and contributes to your happiness in every day life.

So join me today in thanking truckers all over the world!  Share and like to show appreciation but more importantly, be polite on the road today and cut truck drivers some slack!

Be courteous, be patient and when you stop at the truck stop to get fuel for your car, just randomly say thank you for the job you do!

Happy Friday!  Have a great day.

The Crazy Trucker (Ret.)

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