Team Driving And I Can't Sleep

by kitten66

Can someone do something about companys running teams 24/7. You can not sleep going down some of these really rough roads, they want teams to run 5000 to 6000 miles a week.

I ask for a little sleep in between loads an ended up quitting because my operational manger said we had to get 5000 to 6000.

I have talked to other drivers they say the same things. If they can make laws for the single drivers to have to rest, why cant teams have some can of law that we have to rest at some point?

Are there any teams willing to speak up to get some rest while do their jobs out here on the road? Please post, thanks
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May 16, 2012
Team Driving Means The Truck Stays Moving
by: Hervy

Unfortunately Kitten, what you are describing is pretty much how it goes running teams. Many teams would love the miles you are getting.

The idea is to keep the truck moving as much as possible. That is why two drivers are in the truck.

That being said, yes this is something that not all people can do. If you are not compatible for the team lifestyle then you might choose to go solo. However, you CAN adjust to it if you believe that you can and want to.

To run much less miles than what you are running would drop your pay to that equal running solo. Theoretically. I don't know how much you are getting paid or how much experience you have.

If you have experience you might discover with a little researching that you can make what you want running solo if not with the company that you are at then with another one.

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