Team Dooley

by Andrea Tunstall-Dooley
(Glen Burnie MD)

My husband and I were best friends in highschool, he was the only boy my mother would let into my house to visit with me. Mark and I went separate ways after high school he settled in Maryland and New York. We met back up on Facebook through a mutual friend who found me and told Mark that I was on Facebook. We started talking and found out that he was married and I was single. We both had went through difficult marriages and relationships. Then in Feb of 2012 we made the engagement official on my birthday in Kay Jewelers where he got down on one knee and proposed to me with my sister and best friend witnessing, getting married September 21 of 2012.
Mark said he would never marry again and I thought I would be single for the rest of my life. We would see each other when ever he could come onto Staten Island. Our wedding was simple, and We had the dream honeymoon. The best part was that I was marring my best friend.
Mark was gone more than home even though we saw each other 2 nights a week, we made it work. We both like the gym, love to play racket ball, love to dance. Not only was I blessed with my husband, but I became a dog mom of two of the sweetest schnauzers, Buddy and Angel. October of that year our hearts broke when Buddy got sick and died.

Being in a new place, I was lonely until Sunday where I went to church, my sister gave me a buddy and best friend in the form of a beautiful new fluffy little first he would come visit me not know he would become our son that was Marty our Shih pooh. October 2013, our family grew by two fluffy kids Xavier the Shorkey, and Moses the muggin. Finally in Jan of 2015,our last little fluffy was born, her name is Miracle the Shih tzu.
Mark and I enjoy Ballroom Dancing, and competing, we enjoy family time with our furbabies, swimming, going to amusement parks and just being together.
The best thing is that we have love, trust and communication. Well that's us.

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